• Do you sell where your customers spend most of their time?
    surveys say that the average use of digital devices is 10 hrs a day


  • Does your sales team work 24x7?
    surveys have found that 38% of people would prefer to transact online


We can help you with your Digital Transformation


bidRhino was launched by an experienced team of business, technology and real estate professionals in late 2014.


A Melbourne based technology company, the bidRhino team has worked together for many years, and shares a wealth of experience across many business segments, including Real Estate, IT, software development, marketing and design.


The seeds of the concept for bidRhino were developed in 2010, as a result of the founders personal experience with the sale, purchase and leasing of property, and experiencing the issues and frustrations this can cause everyone involved.  The following years saw the development of the concept and technology solution, and in 2014, with a mature, stable, well tested solution in place, bidRhino was ready to be unleashed.


The basis of the bidRhino solution is to offer virtual sales and leasing solutions, essentially, it’s your virtual sales office, available 24x7…

The bidRhino platform is hosted in the cloud, offering a stable, secure, scalable solution for our partners and an accessible, intuitive digital solution for their customers.


Our goals are to help our partners by assisting in the development of digital strategies and solutions which increase customer engagement and customer access anytime from anywhere, providing a broader market and reducing costs and increasing margins through the automation of labour intensive activity.


Buy and sell or rent and lease, online, it’s the future, as the EY Digital Australia: State of the Nation 2015-16 report found, 38% of people surveyed said they would rather conduct transactions over the internet than face to face or by phone.


This is a growing trend, and with the mobile technology available today, it means your customers can engage and interact with you, and buy or rent, anywhere, anytime, now that’s customer engagement, and customer service.


Our solution is a SaaS product, we offer a range of services from a fully customised white label solution to a branded shared service, enabling us to provide you the best solution for you and your customers, scalable to your needs.

Get the edge today, contact us to discuss how we can help. 

The future is tomorrow, so don’t get caught out resting on your laurels with the “we don’t need it we are flying” mantra, that’s what Blockbuster did, that’s what Kodak did, there are many examples of a failure to act, and once an industry sector hits the tipping point and disruption occurs, it is too late... 

Protect your business now, it could be said, innovate or suffocate.



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