How to rent

Register as a user, its simple and free.  You can either log in and register using your existing Facebook or twitter account by clicking the links on the top right of the screen, or click on register as a buyer under the Buy-Rent menu and complete the simple steps by filling in your details.

Research & Find

Research across the area you want to buy in, use the internet to search for properties you like in the areas you like, which will give you a price guide.

bidRhino.com lets you setup watch lists and notifications, get notified when properties that match your requirements are posted...

Engage Agent/landlord

Now you know the property you like, check it out, attend scheduled open for inspections or contact thelandlord/agent to arrange one, communicate with the landlord/Agent and ask them any questions you have, bidRhino.com offers direct communications to contact the landlord/agent.


Once you know the property you like and want to rent, register to bid on the property.
It is relatively simple, as a bidRhino.com user, you simply click on the Register to bid button and complete any missing details in your registration, then complete the online application form. This is the same as a normal Rental application and needs to be completed. it is sent to the Landlord/Agent to review.

We also ask for a small payment as another validation of who you are and to ensure that only the serious tenants register to bid (good for you as a serious tenant to know you are only bidding against other serious tenants) and your registration is sent to the landlord/agent.


Once you have registered you need to complete the Rental application form, this is a standard rental application form as you would complete when apply to rent any property.
Every potential tenant wanting to bid must complete an application form for review by the landlord/agent.


All potential bidders must be enabled before they are allowed to bid.
The landlord/agent reviews all applications as they come in, and confirms and authorises those approved applicants.
Approval of applicants does not change from the way it is done today, reference checks and assessment and the suitability of the applying potential tenants.
This allows the landlord/agent to ensure they are aware of all bidders on their property.
When your application has been approved, you will be sent a message informing you that you have been authorised as a bidder.


Its easy to place a bid, just click the bid button on the auction page, this will provide you a pop up validating your bid, you must click yes to verify your bid (this is to ensure you don't bid by mistake), please note, when you place a bid, it is legally binding and you cannot withdraw your bid without agreement from the Landlord.
You can also set your best offer using the autobid function, and let the system work for you.
You may send questions to the landlord/agent throughout the auction.
Watch the bidding live on your phone or pc, get notifications of bids wherever you are, be prepared, there may not be much activity at the start, the process takes time but once it starts the excitement will build, and make sure you don't miss your chance.
Please note that if there is a bid place in the last 5 minutes, the auction will extend for 5 minutes, this will continue to occur until there are no more bids placed.


Once the auction ends, if the property reserve is achieved, and you are the highest bidder, you win, you are the tenant.
The winning bidder is emailed the lease and then the transaction is just like normal, you swap signed contracts and you provide the agreed bond.

Move in

Now it is simply a matter of moving in on the agreed date.

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