User registration is free


At bidRhino we believe in transparency and security


As such, we ask that users who are registering to bid on a property enter their credit card details (via paypal) as part of our process to validate and ensure all bidders are valid


We only charge a minimal A$4.99, and it helps you too, with all bidders following the same process it helps us validate all bidders the same, and ensures that you know you are bidding against real bidders too.


Register now, and you can then create and manage a watch list, recieve notifications of changes to propoerties and send and receive messages to and from Vendors.


To register to bid on a property, you need to register as a full user, enter and confirm your credit card details and then you are registered to bid on the property you desire.

(please note you must register for each property you would like to place bids on)



the requirement to charge a small fee to register to bid supports our process to validate every bidder for vendors, and covers a portion of the cost incurred to process email and SMS notifications and messaging.

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