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At bidRhino we want to help you and your sales team sell more property, do it easier, faster and reduce the cost of selling.

Our solution can help you save time and money and improve your service offering to your customers, providing them the ability to engage, communicate and compel them to buy from you, anywhere, anytime.

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The bidRhino solution is a virtual sales office, empowering your sales team to sell 24x7 and delighting your customers with a fair, transparent and accessible solution to buy from you.

Our solution is customised to meet your needs, and can be integrated into your project website, is mobile ready and supports managed sales through the release process, offers or buy now, e-contracts and online deposit payments.

Enable your customers and staff the ease and speed of completing their transaction online, immediately.  

Sound fast and cost effective? 

Think your team would like the help of an online sales assistant?

Contact us now to find out how we can assist you and the team.

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