A Melbourne based Real Estate technology company, the bidRhino team shares a wealth of experience across many business segments, including Real Estate, software development, mobile and telecommunications, marketing and design.


The seeds of the concept for bidRhino were developed in 2010, through experience with the sale, purchase and leasing of property, working closely with Agents and customers and experiencing the issues and frustrations this can create, we thought there must be a better way. 


The following years saw the development of the technology, and in 2014, we went to the market and started working closely with partners in real world situations, refining our solutions to deliver real value.  Now with stable, thoroughly tested products ready for you, bidRhino has the solutions you need to become a DIGITAL AGENT.




The basis of the bidRhino solution is our Digital Agent Assistant product, for sales or rentals, making Agents and Developer sales teams more effective and efficient and it will delight all your customers.

for the Developer
Your own branded virtual sales office, make sales faster, reduce costs, improve service and your reputation.

for the Agent
Your own digital assistant, that can help secure more listings, save you time and effort and improve your reputation.

for your Vendor
2 agents for the price of 1, more buyers, compels buyer action, get the best results, only the best agents are digital agents.

for your Buyer
better access, transparency and communication, the easiest way you’ve ever purchased a house.


It’s your virtual sales office.


The bidRhino platform is hosted in the cloud, offering a secure, scalable solution for our partners and an accessible, intuitive digital solution for their customers.


Our goal is to help our partners through the deployment of digital solutions which save time and effort to reduce costs, increase customer engagement, compel buyer action and enables customer access anytime from anywhere, helping them improve their reputation.


Our solutions are a digital extension of your workforce, we work with you to deploy branded, custom solutions to deliver the tools to make your team work smarter, faster and provide a better service, they wont be meeting expectations anymore, they will be exceeding expectations.


Get the edge today, contact us to discuss how we can help. 


The future is tomorrow, so don’t get caught out resting on your laurels with the “we don’t need it, we are flying” excuse, that’s what the Taxi industry said, there are too many examples of a failure to act, and once an industry sector hits the tipping point and external disruption occurs, it can be too late... 

Digital is the future of Real Estate, as the EY Digital Australia: State of the Nation 2015-16 report found, 38% of people surveyed said they would rather conduct transactions over the internet than face to face or by phone, we all know over 95% of people use the internet and apps to do all their property research but did you know Australians spend over 10 hours a day in the digital world, and that over 80% of Australians have a smart device.

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