How to register
Go to bidRhino.com

Go to www.bidRhino.com to register as a user for free
User registration is free, this means you can configure your account including watch lists and notifications. Then you will be ready to go when the property you are after is listed.

Facebook or twitter

For ease of use, you can log in using your Facebook or Twitter account, by clicking on the respective icons found at the top right of our home page. This method simply accesses the personal contact information from your social media accounts - it does not allow us to post on your page without your approval. If you choose to register via social media remember to check the inbox of the email address you use to login to your Facebook/Twitter account to activate and receive the password for your bidRhino account.

Register as a user

Don’t have Facebook or twitter, don’t worry, its simple, register on the site, just click the ‘Register’ button at the top right hand side of our home page and select the member type you want (the choices are Buyer or Vendor depending on your situation). This process is free.
If you are looking to buy/rent a property, or just want to browse our site, select ‘Buyer’.
If you are looking to sell/lease a property, select ‘Vendor.
If you are and Agent, looking to sell/lease a property, select ‘Vendor or contact us for an Agent partner account.
If you want to advertise with us select Advertising partner, and email us at enquiries@bidRhino.com

Enter your personal details

Enter your basic personal information such as your name, address, email, phone, and drivers license/ Medicare card number, then set your password.
After ensuring all fields are correct and completed, click ‘Finish Basic Registration’.
This will provide you a user account to search, setup watch lists and notifications.
If you are planning on listing a property or bidding in an auction, you will require full registration, you can do that straight away, simply click the ‘Next for full registration’ option at the bottom and move on to complete the remaining details.

Enter your convenyanceor details (optional)

Please enter your conveyancer/lawyers details in the fields provided. Even though this section is optional, bidRhino strongly recommends you enter your conveyancer’s details because this will make things a great deal easier and safer, in the  if you choose to participate in an online property auction or plan to sell/lease a property online via our site.

Confirmation email

After you complete all fields of the registration process, bidRhino will send an email to the address you have provided. This is to validate that we have the correct information and that no one is acting as you.
Once received, simply go to your email inbox and click the confirmation link in the received email to complete the registration process and to activate your account.

Sell / lease

Once your bidRhino account is activated and you have successfully logged into one of our supported sites, you can click register on the property you would like to buy.

This sends a notification tothe managing Agent, who will assess your registration.

bidRhino provides Agnets and Developers the ability to provide online transaction services, via an offer, buy now or if deemed necessary, and auction, all online, 24x7.

Buy / rent

Once you have registered to transact on a property, the agent needs to approve you as a registered buyer (you will be notified via SMS/Email when your registration has been approved). 

This is a required security step, to ensure that all buyers are genuine, valid and willing participants. It is a step that benefits both the vendor and buyers all knowing that every buyer has been assessed and is genuine.

Bidder approvals

Once approved you can simply make an offer, buy now or bid in an online auction

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